Art meets accuracy with Harvey’s replicas

Since retiring from Harvey Courier six years ago, Darryl Harvey has enjoyed spending his free time atop a stool in his wood-working shed down Dubose Lane, Clarke County. Usually, with just an old photo or a crumpled newspaper clipping in hand, Harvey begins creating something magnificent from his favorite material, wood. For about 53 years,…Continue Reading

Andrews Log Church

It was raining hard when Aaron Burr was recaptured near McIntosh Bluff on the Tombigbee river in Washington County. He and his captors, a detachment of U.S. Calvary, spent a restless night in the meeting house before proceeding next morning to Fort Stoddart, down toward Mobile. Aaron Burr was the former Vice-President of the United…Continue Reading

Sullivan Log Cabin

Restoration Begins The second oldest home in Washington County, the Sullivan Cabin, has added another chapter to its history.   “The Gibeon Sullivan home is a good intact example of a log dogtrot house, a popular house type in the 19th century, especially in the Deep South,” said Lee Anne Wofford, Alabama Register Coordinator for…Continue Reading