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Security Lights

The cooperative also provides a security light program. Members can have a standard 100 watt security light(s) installed for their protection. Upon, request, a larger wattage light (400 watts or larger) can be purchased at an additional cost.

The basic charge for this service includes a $50 installation charge plus $6.50 per month if there is an existing pole or $7.50 per month if there is not an existing pole.

A security light can be both helpful to see when outdoors after dark and also to deter theft around your home.

Consider a security light for your home!!


Security Light Pricing

$50 installation fee

100 watt: $6.50 -$7.50 monthly

400 watt: $17.50-$18.50 monthly


For more information contact: CWEMC Service Department (800) 323-9081