Safety Tips

Indoor Electrical Safety Tips

  • Don’t use electrical appliances near sinks and bathtubs.
  • Don’t touch any electrical outlets when your hands are wet.
  • Don’t use an electrical appliance while standing in water or on a wet floor.
  • Don’t run a cord under a rug or furniture.
  • Don’t pull on the cord, pull on the plug.
  • Never carry an appliance by the cord.
  • Don’t insert a metal object into an appliance without disconnecting it. Remember metal conducts electricity.
  • Don’t plug too many cords into on outlet.
  • Touching a faulty appliance, plug or wire can make you part of the electricity’s path. Always unplug appliances before cleaning them.
  • If a person accidentally touches a bare wire or makes contact with electricity in the home, that person may be unable to break contact. Don’t touch the person! Discontinue the flow of power by pulling the plug, turning off a switch or turning the power off at the main switch. Then seek medical attention immediately.

Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips

  • Never climb a tree if there is a power line near by. If the wind blows the wire against a branch, the electricity could travel through the tree and into you.
  • Don’t climb power poles or electric towers.
  • Stay away from substations. The electricity is very strong.
  • Don’t go near a fallen power line!
  • Never touch anything that is in contact with a fallen power line!
  • Don’t fly a kite near power lines. If your kite snags on a power line, do not climb the pole or a nearby tree to retrieve it. Call your local electric provider.
  • Keep ladders, antennas and tools away from overhead power lines.
  • Keep radios and other electrical appliances at least 10 feet from a pool. If water splashes on them, it can conduct electricity. Remember water is a conductor!
  • If a fallen power line is on a car, stay away and get help.
  • Never use insulators on power poles for target practice. Without insulators, electricity can flow through the pole to the ground. Also, damaged insulation can create electrical problems such as power outages and blinking lights.

Electrical Fire Safety Tips

  • Know your emergency numbers and have them posted near your telephone.
  • If you smell smoke or see a flame, unplug the appliance involved or turn the power off at the main switch.
  • If the fire is very small, put it out with a fire extinguisher or baking soda. NEVER USE WATER.
  • If the fire is large, don’t panic, get everyone out of the house then CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT, be sure to give your name and address and tell them it’s an electrical fire.
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