Terrible Tornadoes

June 2011| Alabama Living


Bob Grip said last night on Fox 10 News, “This was an extraordinary year for tornadoes!” I’ve been thinking this is about the worst year I can remember for storm after storm packed with tornadoes, and the statistics are bearing that out. There has been devastating destruction and great loss all across the southeast and certainly in Alabama. A lineman told me this morning the confirmed death toll in Alabama is now over 150.

This tornado season may go down as the worst in recorded history. The destruction has been widespread as tornadoes have stayed on the ground for miles. One stayed on the ground all the way across Alabama doing un-heard of destruction. And the death toll is also at a record high. I can only imagine how devastating these storms have made life for so many around us.

A number of storms have cris-crossed our service area and we have been under either a tornado watch or warning multiple times.

In fact several tornados have touched down and we have had some of the destruction and great loss that has been seen in other places. This is the type spring that makes us all have a deep respect for the weather.

With all this in mind, it’s a good time to remember the assistance we have received while working power outages. Fire departments, churches and individuals along with the local law enforcement personnel, EMA’s and others have been of great help not just to CWEMC, but to their communities as well. Men with chain saws have cleared roads, sheriff’s deputies have kept traffic safe and firemen have been right there with it all. Thanks to all who have helped in any way.

I will say that I am happy we partnered with the National Weather Service (NWS) some years ago – in 1996 – to making weather warnings available across our service area. The warnings are broadcast on a weather radio from the Clarke-Washington EMC tower north of Jackson. I sincerely hope this service has been of help and of value through this storm season.

Thank you for your help and generosity to those that have needed assistance this year.


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